Christina Haston

Christina Haston

Associate Professor, Medical Physics

Office: ASC 347
Phone: 250.807.9886

Education & Training

BSc University of Western Ontario
MSc University of Toronto
PhD University of Texas
PDF University of Toronto


Medical Physics, Biophysics

Research Interests

Investigating the genetics of radiation induced lung disease.

Research Projects

Radiation-Induced Lung Disease

The focus of this program is to identify the genes involved in the radiation-induced lung diseases of pneumonitis (alveolitis) and fibrosis. We have mapped murine strain differences in propensity to develop lung disease in a C57BL/6J and C3H mouse model and are currently using genetic variation defined in the mouse Hap Map, along with gene expression data and siRNA investigations to identify the underlying causal genetic variations. We are also collaborating with the Division of Radiation Oncology to investigate whether these genetic variations, identified in mice, predict for the normal tissue side effect in the clinic.


Member of the Radiation Research Society


Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Canadian Cancer Society


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